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The Kids Multicultural World Organization is a cultural activism organization focused on uniting a diverse Nation of Kids from ages 0 month - 18 years.


We produce a bimonthly magazine, host annual Kids Multicultural Fashion Festivals across the USA and coordinate Modelling, Acting, and empowerment classes in person & online. We continue to educate Kids about taking pride in cultural heritage multiculturalism, understanding the importance of self-growth, building skills, and capitalizing on their individual talents. We educate, empower and bring more awareness to culture/heritage.


This organization was founded on May 1st, 2017 by CEO - Queen Amb. Dr. Krystal Okeke’ Chanchangi.A global cultural activist and voice for the next generation. The Ceo is focused on eliminating discrimination, bullying, and segregation. Our mantra is UNITING A DIVERSE NATION.


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Kids Multicultural is a global fashion and lifestyle focused on uniting a diverse Nation of Kids from age 0 month - 18 years. Kids Multicultural was founded May 1st, 2017 by CEO-Ms. Krystal Okeke.

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