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The Kids Multicultural World Organization is a cultural activism organization focused on uniting a diverse Nation of Kids from ages 0 month - 18 years. We produce a bimonthly magazine, host annual Kids Multicultural Fashion Festivals across the USA and coordinate Modelling, Acting, and empowerment classes in person & online. We continue to educate kids about taking pride in cultural heritage multiculturalism, understanding the importance of self-growth, building skills, and capitalizing on their individual talents. We educate, empower and bring more awareness to culture/heritage. This organization was founded on May 1st, 2017 by CEO Queen Amb. Dr. Krystal Okeke’ Chanchangi.A global cultural activist and voice for the next generation. The CEO is focused on eliminating discrimination, bullying, and segregation. 

Our Mantra :

The events are hosted globally , but prominently known in Chicagoland and Las Vegas areas.

This is a cultural program & event created to educate and empower kids to become more aware of the beauty in diversity. It is an event that brings all cultures around the globe to celebrate diversity, language and unity.

A movement to unite a diverse Nation of kids. A vision to end discrimination, bullying , segregation and hate crime amongst kids . We want a World of Cultural understanding, Unity amongst all race, tribes and communities.

We have over 60+ ambassadors representing various Countries , tribes, and States. We partner with America Nation Multicultural World foundation to help provide for the underprivileged communities with hygienic products, meals, and educational fund assistance.
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